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Medico-Legal Experience

Mr Ivanov has been writing Expert Medicolegal reports since 2010 completing both Claimant and Defendant reports. He has had training training in Expert Witness skills and Courtroom skills. 


He prepares approximately 15-20 Causation and Liability reports/year with Claimant - Defendant split of approximately 30%-70%. 

His report experience mirrors his NHS practice with focus on spinal pathology - trauma, degenerative, cauda equina syndrome, infection, spinal and spinal cord tumours, infections, accident related spinal injuries etc.

  • Home visits undertaken: yes

  • Weekend visits undertaken: yes

For terms and conditions and to organise a medico-legal review, please contact us at:


Mr Ivanov aims to provide with different types of medico-legal services depending on your needs.

A full medical report can be provided within 8-12 weeks of instruction and receipt of medical notes. This may vary depending on  the case complexity and availability of the Client for examination as well as other commitments at the time of approach and volume of medical records.

More accurate turn-over time can be confirmed individually upon request.


Examination assessments are usually performed in his Rooms at the Claremont Private Hospitals in Sheffield although assessment closer to a client’s home is sometimes possible. 


Appointment location: 


Claremont Private Hospital

Sandygate Road

Sheffield, UK

Medico-Legal Practice


Mr Ivanov's specialist field is Neurosurgery with a special interest in spinal surgery.  He is a Consultant and Spinal Lead at Department of Neurosurgery, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Sheffield University. 

He deals on daily basis with a large spectrum of spine pathology ranging from degenerative spine problems, spinal trauma to the spinal cord tumours and perform between 200 and 300 spinal operations per annum. 

He is active member of the AO SPINE UK National Educational Faculty and member of the EANS Educational Faculty and Examination Board. 

He is member of British Association of Spine Surgeons, North American Association of Spine Surgeons, European Association of Neurosurgical Societies, AO SPINE, American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Eurospine. 

He is active member of the Spinal Rota and Complex Spine Multidisciplinary Team provided by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. 

In 2017 he was elected AO SPINE UK Council Officer Neurosurgery and since 2020 he serves as Chairman of the AO SPINE UK.

Since 2018 I am EANS Spinal Section Board Member.

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